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Plasser & Theurer 07-16 Universal Tamper-LinerPlasser & Theurer 07-16 Universal Tamper-Liner (previously 73241)

Before the common use of the telephone telegrams sent using a form of morse code were used across the rail network. To keep these messages short but clear many things were given 'code names' often animal or fish names were used to describe engineers vehicles, a tradition that is still carried on today.Used for track maintenance removing dips in the track and minor alignment movements to ensure a smooth ride.

Status: Stored non-operational.

Bance Alumi Cart Mark 2 two seater

Bance Alumi Cart Mark 2 two seater Nicknamed 'Mouse'

Additional comments - Acquired from Bance in 1995 by BRIS and based at Yeovil. Later owned by AMEC Rail, then Balfour Beatty Rail Plant. Disposed of from Eastleigh OTP Depot late 2004. This small inspection cart and trailer is used for track inspections. Heavily modified by our engineering team to make it more useful on our line, including a novel feature to allow it to be "turned" round by a single person.

Status: Stored non-operational.

Permaquid PM002 Maintenance Unit

Permaquid PM002 Maintenance Unit - 'Badger'

Built to help with the movement of point motors, Badger is used on minor track inspection and renewals duties. Its low flat-bed makes it ideal for carrying materials (such as sleepers, fishplates and tools) to the various work sites to allow our teams to keep our track in good condition.

Status: Undergoing restoration.