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Below I have included a few links to other pages that may be of interest to both signalling enthusiasts, and newcomers alike. Please if any links are broken. (EOR is not responsible for the content of external internet sites).
John Hinson's excellent page, covering everything for both the novice and experienced. Well worth a visit, no matter what your favourite era / region / lever frame!
Institute of Railway Signal Engineers, includes a shop with many useful technical publications.
This site contains picture(s) of most signalboxes (both NR and in preservation) from the whole country... with the exception of North Weald! We hope to welcome John to EOR very soon to correct this.
Office of Rail Regulation (which now includes HMRI)

Preserved Railways

This is not intended to be a full list of railways, more the ones with active signalling / S&T websites:

Peak Rail: - a very comprehensive site explaining the current boxes and future proposals for the Peak Rail.
Colne Valley Railway:
Severn Valley Railway: - an excellent site with many simulations to explain the principals in signalling
Gloucestershire & Warwickshire's New Northern Terminus:
Embsay & Bolton Abbey:
South Devon Railway:
Great Western Society (Didcot):
Exeter West (now at Crewe!) Preserved Box:
Isle of Wight: (look under Civil Eng for their very funny Track-Packs)
Mid Hants S&T: The home of the LSWR Type 1!
Romsey Preserved Box:

A full list of preserved railways is on the Heritage Railways Association:

Signalling Record Society

Other Useful Links & Resources - Pictures of Signalling in the Derby Area - British Railway Signalling (many GWR locations) - A comprehensive index of all signs track-side! - Have a go at being a modern signalman, many signalboxes on there to download and try your hand at! - Another signalling simulator, including older box technology. - Many pictures of signalboxes on London Underground - How LU Signalling Works - The definitive resource for Westinghouse Mini-Lever Frames - Churnet Valley Railway's Telecoms Dept - Joyce's collection includes many rule book gems - A few useful snippets, including a very comprehensive list of bell-codes - Contains a wealth of useful technical knowledge, including signalling. - A newer website, trying to collect together old signalling notices on-line, which will be an invaluable research tool. Currently mostly GWR based. - Contains many old documents relating to railways in days-of-old