December 5th, 2016

Footbridge proves to be a real success at our Santa Specials

The Epping Ongar Railway ran its first ‘Santa Specials’ services this weekend making full use of its new footbridge. The new footbridge provided a dazzling backdrop for the record number of passengers using it for the first time who took in the great views over North Weald station, the surrounding area and of course the ‘Santa Special Steam Train’.

                                                       Passengers using new footbridge at Santa Specials

The bridge officially opened in September this year and has transformed the way passengers can get around the station. This has allowed the Railway to run longer trains meaning more seats and more passengers can now travel on the Santa Specials.

Dean Walton, Business Development Manager said.

“The work of the volunteers underpins everything that we do at the Epping Ongar Railway. This bridge has allowed us to put more tickets on sale than ever before meaning we have more opportunities to generate cash to invest in maintaining this important heritage railway. However it’s not just about getting in the cash, we’ve also worked on improving the experience for our passengers and it’s working. We’ve had some moving and amazing 5-star reviews and it’s really uplifting to see what the Railway means to our passengers.

First train of season
                                         First train of the 2016 Santa Special Season as seen from the footbridge

Within hours of the passengers leaving the Railway we started to receive excellent five-star reviews on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Trip Advisor and some people even resorted to a more traditional approach and called the Railway to let them know what a great time they had had.

Follow the link here for more information about our Santa Specials.