Penny Salon "Micro Gallery" at Ongar Station

The Penny Salon Micro Gallery at Ongar Station

Current exhibition: "The Railway comes to Ongar" presented by the Ongar Historical Millenium Society from it's extensive archive.

Free admission! Gallery open whenever trains are running

The Epping Ongar Railway opened a new ‘micro-gallery’ at Ongar Station on Saturday 27 May. The gallery is in the Ladies Waiting Room at the station. A railway volunteer and professional photographer who specialises in steam photography, Geoff Silcock, has worked alongside the Epping Ongar Railway Volunteer Society members to transform the room into a place to display photographs and pictures. Mr Silcock has worked with local photographic and historical societies to bring a programme of interesting and relevant exhibitions to the Railway.

Black and White Images by Essex Monochrome Society The free bijou exhibition area has been named "The Penny Salon" and will be open whenever trains are running to provide interest for passengers.

The inaugural month through to 18 June hosted The Essex Monochrome Society with Black and White images mainly from in and around Essex, including steam trains.

Future items will include presentations of unseen work from the the 1930s onwards in local Essex and surrounding counties, plus the work of top transport photographers and painters around the Southern Counties

Some of the great programme lined up for the year will link up with our themed events.

Why "The Penny Salon"?

The name "The Penny Salon" is taken tongue in cheek from the c. 1865 built station rooms other use as its original Ladies Waiting Room.

Future Exhibitions

Future exhibitions
Future planned exhibitions include:

An appreciaton of Reg Batten 1915 - 2016
A journey with Reg's outstanding photographic pictorial work through the Eastern Counties, and the now laregly forgotten world of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s

A weekend with Malcom Root G.R.A
Not to be missed, a rare chance to see some of the paintings of the leading transport painter that have inspried a new generation of presrvationists

Steam in the Frame 1960 - 2016
Aspects of the Eastern Counties lines from Kings Cross, Fenchurch Street and Liverpool Street, and into preservation (not forgetting the EOR of course!) as seen through the prolific lenses of Geoff Silcock

Steam Elements - Fire and Water... and Snow
Steam trains when the snow falls, as interpreted by some of Britain's leading photographers

plus many more in preperation