Timetable - 24/09/2017

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Epping Ongar Railway timetable and fares information for 2017-09-24


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Bus Number: 339
Epping Stn09.4510.2510.5511.2512.0012.3013.0013.3514.1014.4015.1515.4516.15
North Weald Stn (Arr)09.5710.3711.0711.3712.1312.4313.1313.4814.2314.5215.2715.5716.27
North Weald Stn (Dep)11.1211.3812.2013.5514.3016.10
Ongar Stn11.2311.4912.3114.0614.4116.21
Ongar - Two Brewers11.2511.5112.3314.0814.4316.23
Shenfield Station11.4815.0616.46
Shenfield Station10.5011.5015.10
Ongar - Two Brewers11.1311.5312.1312.5314.1015.33
Ongar Stn11.1511.5512.1512.5514.1215.35
North Weald Stn (Arr)11.2612.0612.2613.0614.2315.46
North Weald Stn (Dep)10.1010.4011.1011.4012.1012.4013.1513.5514.2515.0015.3016.0016.35
Epping Stn10.2210.5211.2211.5212.2212.5213.2714.0714.3715.1215.4216.1216.47
Bus Number: 339
Epping Stn08.45
North Weald Stn (Arr)08.57
Epping Stn
Epping Stn
Epping Stn
Epping Stn
Shenfield Station09.00
Ongar Stn09.25
Epping Stn
Epping Stn
North Weald Stn (Dep)17.35
Epping Stn17.47

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